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LAH Research Center Forum

LAH Research Center Forum

Nonprofit project. After the conflict at the previous LAI forum, I was asked to make a new forum. Running on PhpBB platform. A lot of things have been redesigned in addition to design, I don’t remember. Some of the modules, such as the “reputation”, the security module and the expedition map, are authorship of another developer.

The forum, as a platform, became obsolete already in 2013, but the administrators of the previous forum insisted on this form of communication.
The main value of the resource was that the forum was the only virtual platform where you could talk with Andrey Sklyarov. However, during its lifetime, the forum has accumulated tons of information materials useful to researchers in the field of archeology and ancient history.

Currently, forum support is minimized. However, I am fond of hoping that there will be free time to transfer the resource to a modern platform.