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Pavel Ryzhenkov Jewerly v 0.1

Pavel Ryzhenkov Jewerly v 0.1

  • 2015
  • Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Pavel Ryzhenkov * is a unique person of jewelry art, a former street artist of the very first Moscow “school” . We worked together for about a year, I tried to be an enterpreneur for him, but, alas, the producer is not my calling 🙁 I approached the task as an IT nerd and a manager – formed a price list, compiled a catalog, made about a hundred photos, started to sculpt a new site, and I edited the old one to look nicer … I even sewed jewelry bags and worked as a courier … But I gave up to not to let him down. I still feel trembling feelings of the “elder sister” to this person.

On the image above there is a logo option for rebranding. Pasha did not accept it, for he already had his own, not subject to fundamental changes 🙂 Therefore, I limited myself to translating his old logo into a vector.

* this site is not mine)