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Anatoly Gavrilenko

greenycath, 15.08.2020

With the esteemed Ekaterina Manzhosova, I have had the pleasure of working for several years. In my view, she is a high-quality professional who skillfully, promptly, and competently resolves assigned tasks while approaching her work with a great sense of responsibility. I appreciate the creativity and even elegance with which she tackles emerging issues. Additionally, she possesses a strong work ethic, discipline, and consistently delivers excellent quality.

I am delighted that Katya has finally acquired her own website. I hold hope that she won’t cease to offer me her attention and will, as opportunities allow, assist me in navigating this complex digital world, which is challenging for me. I believe in her outstanding human qualities and consider her not only a valuable assistant but also a reliable friend.

With respect and gratitude for the acquaintance with this wonderful person,
A. G. Gavrilenko.